Water Witch - Dowsing Wand

  • Water Witch - Dowsing Wand

Dowsing Wand handmade with a DT smoky Quartz & a topaz. 11 inches, copper and lead free molten metal.

What is a dowsing wand:

Dowsing tools date back to medieval era.

A person who was a Dowsers (also known as water witches) claim to be able to find water flowing under ground simply by holding sticks and walking around a property.

For my purposes is it's a unique altar tool used for divination however is truly up to the user for its ultimate use! I adorned it with a smoky Quartz for grounding element and as a nod to literally its ancient purpose of ground work. I also adorned it with a blue topaz. Topaz is associated with water, thus I thought it also fitting for this piece.