Custom Requests

I take custom orders for a handful of my products. Specifically if you have stone requests on the following items:

WoodHenge Athames - starting price $220
WoodHenge Bolines - starting price $140
Hand Scythes - starting price $220
Battle Axes - Starting price $420
House Shields - Starting price $420
Serpent Blades - Starting price $300
Serpent Scribes - Starting Price $200
Serpent Wands - Starting Price $220
Small Serpent Wands - Staring Price $200
Witch Wands - Starting Price $130
Dungeon Queen Collars - Starting Price $200
Changling Necklace - starting price $100
Battle Axe Amulets - Starting price $100

How to request an item: Please use my contact page for custom requests. At the beginning of each month I can take up to 5 customs for the month. To secure a spot, please message through my contact page. To hold your custom spot it is $25 and the remainder of your custom piece is paid once it is done ($25 is not refundable if you chose to opt out before the item is made or after). Some months my customs will be completely closed (due to shows etc).