Payment Plans & Cleaning & International Shipping

Payment plans: I do take payment plans. Please go to my contact page to set up a plan. 

Shipping: If you are out side of the US, please contact me for rates & if eligiable for shipping. Some countries do not allow weapons to be shipped. 

All of my blades are stainless steel. I clean my pieces before hand, but should you see any rust spots appear, fear not they are easy to remove. Metal will change when it is in different cliaments. Try to keep away from water, and hotter areas of your home. If rust appears, you can spray a tiny bit of WD40 (wear a mask!) let it sit and come back and wipe it off. 

For my lead free molten metal detail work, if you ever see the metal turn a foggy color, or start to corrode let me know asap. This is easy to fix with a bit of WD40 (do not use water) and a steel wool brush. However my new designs should not ever have this effect as I now use a very high grade polish. So let me know if it does;)